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What a working day in the life of a video chat model looks like

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“I think of sex work like food. If you don’t like pizza, that doesn’t mean the rest of the world shouldn’t eat pizza either,” said video chat model Amber Elena.

Amber works on video chat platform Jerkmate, one of the largest in the industry. Talk to customers for hours from the comfort of your own home. For her, it’s an ideal set-up. He has also acted in porn films in the past, but said he prefers to practice digital sex work. “I like that I can make my own schedule, and that gives me a lot of freedom.”

video chat modelsHe has all kinds of customers: some are loyal, some have a very specific fetish, some just want to talk. Some sessions are more porn, some less so. “I like to talk a lot with fans and customers, I know it’s important for them that I pay attention to them.” Before making a custom video, the model asks clients if they have specific requirements, whether they want her dressed in fur or leather, for example. He always tries to respect their needs.

“On Jerkmate there are Gold shows, where the model sets what price to ask for a customer to see the full show.” That allows it to create its content and set prices very democratically.

Amber says that success in the industry depends on your personality and how you present yourself. And good light. For her, work is a source of pleasure and strength. It’s profitable and comfortable, and helps her cultivate beautiful interpersonal relationships, explore her sexuality, and connect with her own body.

“It’s a liberating job. I love doing sex work and I wish people would stop throwing mud at models. Many of us love what we do and are good at it,” she said.

Watch the clip above to see what a day in the life of Amber Elena looks like on the job, or contact Jerkmate.


According to a survey by the Spanish Contraception Society (SEC), the contraceptive methods most used by Spanish women are mainly condoms (36%) and the oral pill (17%). From there, there is a sharp drop in the rest of the options: the hormonal IUD is used by only 3.8%, the copper IUD by 2.9%, the vaginal ring by 1.9%, and none of the that remain – the patch, the mini-pill, the subcutaneous implant or the intramuscular injection – alone reaches 1%. Instead, more opt for definitive methods such as tubal ligation (3.8%) or vasectomy (4.7%).

contraceptivesThese are surprising data, because they reveal that the alternatives are not well known. Probably because there is a lack of information and facilities to access them. In addition, it is a subject that is rarely consulted, especially by young women, and there are still myths and misgivings regarding the use of hormones, their side effects and their impact on fertility (if this is your case, or it is an issue that worries you, in this post you can expand the information). This also explains why Spain is, along with Portugal, the European country that uses condoms the most as a contraceptive, and the one with the lowest rate of users of the pill and other methods of modern contraception. Which confirms the results of the previous survey.

The fact that condoms are widely … ...

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